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The former Economic Minister MP Mohamed Saeed has tweeted out in support of the Free Trade Agreement with China. In his tweet, the Maavashu Constituency MP said that the Free Trade Agreement with China will have “remarkable gain to Maldives”.

He further stated that maintaining China as an economic partner would be beneficial for the Maldives as China is a major country with continuous economic growth with a high number of imports and exports. He continued on to state that developing such economic ties with China will result in the development of trade routes through the Maldivian atolls. He also pointed out that such a scale of trade would pave way for the development of infrastructure which would advance the Maldivian economy to new heights.

MP Mohamed Saeed who currently serves as the Opposition Vice-President, has been an ardent supporter of the Free Trade Agreement with China. In recent weeks, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed and Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail has made a string of statements against the Free Trade Agreement with allegations of it disrupting trade with other states. However, both the Chinese Ambassador Zhang Lizhong and MP Mohamed Saeed has retorted to their allegations.

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