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The Pakistani National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf has revealed that India is funding terrorism in Pakistan. Moeed Yusuf who serves as the Pakistani Prime Minister’s Advisor on National Security and Policy Planning stated that the handler of the terrorist form the 2014 terrorist attack on an Army public school was in direct contact with the Indian consulate in Pakistan.

Speaking to Indian media, Moeed Yusuf stated that there is evidence that in 2019 event Indian consulate in Kabul funded $1 million to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan wing to help it merge with four other terrorist cells. “India is inflicting terror in Pakistan. We have the phone number of the handler’s contact and the evidence of India’s involvement in terrorist activities on Pakistan ‘s soil.” said Moeed Yusuf.

Moeed Yusuf also pointed out that India is utilizing think tanks to bolster support and raise funds for terrorist cells in Balochistan. He also stated that a Balochistan separatist commander was treated at a hospital in New Dehli. These claims are further backed by Balochistan’s Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti who in 2015, accuse Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of funding terrorist activities in Balochistan.

Moeed Yusuf also highlighted on the Kashmir issue stating that the Pakistani prime minister wished to initiate peaceful talks but India’s current expansionist and Hindutva extremism was proving to be an obstacle. He stated that Pakistan is open for talks on the Kashmir issue if India is willing to give Kashmir its own voice in the negotiations.

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