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The Parliament secretariat has scheduled the bill on shifting the governing system to a parliamentary system. The bill submitted by Kaashidhoo Constituency MP Abdulla Jabir will have its initial reading in the Parliament today. The controversial bill by MP Abdulla Jabir was submitted after claiming that the current presidential system has far too many characteristics of a parliamentary system and as such, the people are being subjected to avoidable losses.

The Bill on changing the governing system reportedly states that the government will be led by a Prime Minister, who would be the Majority leader of the Parliament. Furthermore the bill states that the President of the Maldives would be elected by the Parliament, from a secret ballot taken amongst the parliamentarians.

The bill also states that upon getting the President’s assent, the President and his cabinet would immediately be removed from the position. This would immediately be followed by a new parliamentary election which would be held under the new¬† parliamentary system, with the sitting parliament speaker managing the state during the course of the election.

Changing the governing system to a parliamentary system has been the subject of debate between Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and other leaders of the current ruling coalition. Since as early as 2005, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has maintained that the best governing system for Maldives is the Parliamentary system. However, in the 2007 public vote to determine the governing system for Maldives, the people overwhelmingly decided for a presidential system. moreover, the fractionation of the current main ruling party MDP has meant that Speaker Mohamed Nasheed’s dreams of becoming the Prime Minister is delayed.

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