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MP Mohamed Saeed has alleged the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed of influencing the judiciary through his seat in the Judicial Service Commission. Speaking at the Parliament, the Maavashu Constituency MP Mohamed Saeed stated that President Abdulla Yameen along with every other citizen will be denied justice,  for as long as the former President Mohamed Nasheed sits at the Judicial Service Commission.

MP Mohamed Saeed who also serves as the opposition Vice-President, made this statement after allegations of the state influencing President Abdulla Yameen’s case was made by the opposition. MP Mohamed Saeed further stated that the current JSC is being chaired by former President Mohamed Nasheed and his legal team, pointing to MP Hisaan Hussein and Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath and Masthoor Husnee who are the long time lawyers of  former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The former Economic Minister MP Mohamed Saeed also highlighted that former President Mohamed Nasheed’s direct political rival is being jailed, under the influence on JSC which is being led by former President Mohamed Nasheed. However, these serious allegations were promptly brushed aside by President nasheed who made a sarcastic remark that even “President Yameen would Want me (former President Mohamed Nasheed) me to be on the Judicial Service Commission.”.

The Composition of the Judicial Service Commission has been the subject of criticism from both local and international stakeholders. The current composition allows the parliament to elect and remove members. In addition to the Speaker of the Parliament and an additional Parliamentarian, the serving Attorney general and a President’s Nominee will be appointed to the commission by the parliament, granting political control of it by the current ruling party. Though the current coalition government promised to amend the system, they are yet to take any action on fixing the judicial system.

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