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The Progressive Party of Maldives has launched a “loyalty card” for its members. The first of its kind, the card was launched today at a special event held today at Dhimyaath Events and Conference Halls.

The loyalty cards were launched by the Acting-Chair of the Progressive Congress Coalition PNC President Abdul Raheem Abdulla. The first card issued was a Platinum card, issued to former President Abdullah Yameen, which was received by his son Zane Abdullah Yameen.

Speaking at the ceremony, MP Mohamed Saeed stated that the political parties developed states has various forms of loyalty cards. He also pointed out that the introduction of the loyalty cards will allow PPM to revolutionized how political parties operate in the Maldives.

The loyalty cards introduced today are categorized into 4 tiers. The first tier is the Magenta card which will cost MVR100 every month. The second tier will be Silver followed by Gold and Platinum.

MP Mohamed Saeed also announced that the Progressive Party of Maldives will also launch a merchandise store along with a cafe for the party and its members.

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