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Support for the Independence of Scotland has grown with close to 60% of its population demanding independence from the United Kingdom. According to the latest polls, support for the cause has grown by 16% since the last referendum took place in 2014.

According to the Scottish Center on European Relations, there has always been support for the independence movement but it has been rapidly increasing with the “Brexit” negotiations. Furthermore, since June 2020, support had grown from 53% to as it is now. According to Dr.Kirsty Hughes Director of the Scottish Center on European Relations, the sudden increase in support for the independence of Scotland has “London worried” and causing controversy in British media.

Scotland’s status as a more liberal state than England has meant that the current conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson his policies are immensely unpopular in Scotland. Moreover the Majority of the Scots wanted to stay within the European Union, causing a wedge between the already fractured relations between Scotland and England.

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