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A former Federal Prosecutor who served as the Chief Counsel for House Democrats as accused US President trump of Colluding with Russia again. Daniel Goldman who served as the chief counsel in the impeachment trials of President Donald Trump stated that President Trump and his allies were going back to the misinformation campaign they conducted back in 2016.

In a tweet made by Daniel Goldman, the former federal prosecutor stated that US President Trump was informed that Rudy Giuliani was being used by the Russian’s to spread misinformation. He alleged that US President Trump welcomed the help from Russians and stated that the same things that happened in 2016 is happening again. He alleged that US President Trump is colluding with Russia again.

In December 2019, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien had informed US President Donald trump that Rudy Giuliani was being targeted by Russian intelligence agencies to promote misinformation in an effort to undermine the campaign of their opposition Joe Biden’s campaign. It was reported that US President trump simply “shrugged it off” and continued to knowingly promote misinformation on the campaign.

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