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Former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has revealed that during his presidency, a foreign diplomat had instructed him to resign on live television. Speaking at an opposition rally held last night, the former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik stated that during his short tenure as the president, he had to face innumerable challenges from both domestic and foreign sources.

At the event held to commemorate the National Day, the former President revealed that “A ministerial level foreign diplomat visited me one day, and told me to go on live TV at 01:00pm that day and to resign. He told me that he would also accompany me to live TV. This has never happened before with in any other country. Such a degrading course of action on the Maldives by another state. Had I gone on Live TV and resigned that day as they tried to force me to, we would not be an independent nation today.”.

He further went on to state that foreign influence on the Maldives was at an unprecedented level in 2013 and that foreign powers attempted to influence the 2013 Presidential election. He continued on to state that when President Abdulla Yameen came into power and that it was President Abdulla Yameen who brought a stop to it during his presidency. He stated  that “Some foreign states do not like President Yameen. This is because he did not comply with whatever demands “they” made.”.

Though the former President did not explicitly state the name of the foreign state interfering in the domestic affairs of Maldives, it is speculated that the former President was referring to India. Following former President Mohamed Nasheed’s resignation, India played a pivotal role in providing aid for former President Mohamed Nasheed and his allies. The only state to reject the CONI report backed by both the US and the Commonwealth, India has since become a close ally of the current administration with many accusing India on meddling with the domestic and international affairs of the Maldives.

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