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At today’s Parliament session where Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla was scheduled to be questioned, Makunudhoo constituency MP Mohamed Raee invited Home minister and leader of Adhaalath Party Imran Abdulla to join MDP.

“Although Adhaalath party is a member of current ruling Coalition, you are following our (MDP) philosophy’s and ideology. I invite you to join MDP” MP Mohamed Raee said remarking MDP and Adhaalath party’s warm relations. In response, Home minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla said that he is a member of the ruling coalition and will remain so in order to work towards achieving the goals.

Since Sheikh Imran Abdulla became the President of Adhaalath Party many members of the party have raised their concerns towards him and the secular rhetoric’s promoted by him with the backing of the ruling coalition. Moreover, some have question Sheikh Imran Abdulla’s status as the President of Adhaalath Party as the Election’s Commission of Maldives is unable to verify if the party has held any congress within the last 7 years.

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