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Opposition PPM Vice-President MP Ghassan Maumoon has launched a fierce critique against MP Hussein Shameem (Andhun Hussein) after the latter made crude remarks against MP MP Ghassan Maumoon and serious allegations against his father, former President Uz. Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

Yesterday, MP Ghassan Maumoon who serves as the Guraidhoo Constituency parliamentarian, made a tweet remarking how the current administration failed to uphold the anonymity of young whistleblowers and questioned whether it was the message that the current administration wishes to convey to the youths of the nation. MP Hussein Shameem retweeted the original tweet by MP Ghassan Maumoon along with images from a prison riot dating back to 2003, accusing his father of ordering the death of three inmates from the prison riot and made crude remarks at the opposition Vice-President.

MP Ghassan Maumoons tweet in response to MP Hussein Shameem’s accusations.

MP Ghassan Maumoon fiercely refuted and critiqued MP Shameem’s tweet remarking that the current ruling party MDP has been in power twice and questioned why the current administration which has marketed itself as a “Champions of Democracy and Human rights” not pursed legal avenues on the matter.

MP Ghassan Maumoon’s remarks on the subject echoes with public sentiment with many prominent activists accusing the ruling party MDP of politicizing and capitalizing on even natural deaths. Ruling party MDP is yet to issue a statement on the subject whether they will launch an inquiry on the 2003 prison riots or whether the case will remain closed.

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