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Progressive Congress Coalition has announced that the opposition alliance will launch protests against the current administration starting next month. At a special press conference held at their office, opposition Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau alleged the top executives of the current administration of misconduct, corruption and possible espionage.

Speaking at the press conference, Opposition Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau stated that the current administration is being “dominated by a neighboring state and if Maldives is to remain as an independent and sovereign nation, the people of this country needs to stand up to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s regime”. He continued on to state that in a democracy it is the responsibility of every citizen to hold President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his administration accountable and invited all the citizens to join the opposition rallies.

He also alleged the top executives of the current administration of corruption including President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. He further stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih must be held accountable for the corruption within his administration and highlighted on the alleged corruption cases within the government over the course of the current recession.

Growing public concern over the current administrations questionable economic policies and the allegations of corruption and misconduct by senior officials have meant that support for the current administration is at its lowest since 2018.

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