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Ruling party MDP’s Parliamentary Group Leader MP Ali Azim has appealed to the speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed to look into his forced removal from the parliament grounds in 2013. MP Ali Azim’s attempt to enter the Parliament grounds came after the Supreme Court of Maldives passed a ruling in October 2013 stating that MP Ali Azim and current Kinbidhoo Constituency MP Mohamed Nashiz had lost their seats in the parliament.

MP Ali Azim’s attempt to enter the Parliament was barred by Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) as then Speaker of the Parliament had tasked the national security force to act as security for the Parliament. In a tweet made today, MP Ali Azim eloquently appealed to the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed to launch an investigation into his removal. MP Ali Azim retweeted a tweet from former President Mohamed Nasheed from the day of his removal with the text “MNDF personnel who entered the parliament will be prosecuted individually.”. In his re-tweet, MP Ali Azim simply stated “President, Please do this.”.

MP Ali Azim’s attempted intrusion into the Parliament has been criticized by many as the highest judicial court in the Maldives had by then decided that MP Ali Azim had lost his seat, hence has no authority to be present within the Parliament chambers.

Moreover, it was reported that then Mulak Constituency MP and later President Abdulla Yameen was attacked by MP Ali Azim during his attempted intrusion into the parliament. A tweet by then opposition leader former President Uz. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom condemned the attack on them Mulak Constituency MP Abdulla Yameen. The appeal to launch an investigation into this case by MP Ali Azim came following yesterday’s promotion being granted for several senior officers within the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). As of now, MNDF, the Defense Ministry and the Speaker of the Parliament is yet to formally make a statement on the case.

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