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The opposition Progressive Congress Coalition has submitted a no-confidence motion against the Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla. The motion was backed by 11 members of the Parliamentarian, including non-partisan MPs.
The no-confidence motion against the Home Minister was submitted citing the his lack of capacity in executing his duty to protect the people and uphold the rule of law in the Maldives. Furthermore, the motion also cited the recent radio interview by Home Minister Sheikh Imran where he downplayed the seriousness of the recent rape case of a Kenyan expat, much to the frustration of the public.

The motion also highlighted on the inconsistent narrative brought about by Home Minister Sheikh Imran regarding his claims that former President Abdulla Yameen was behind the murder of the former MP Dr. Afrasheem Ali and the missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla. Home Minister Sheikh Imran made this statement at a rally held on May Day 2017.

Speaking at the rally, Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla was recorded to have said that “Yes! In relation to Dr. Afrasheem, roughly 7 people related to Dr. Afrasheem were killed and fallen onto this ground. What is the reality that Yameen knows? On the day Yameen repeatedly spoke out from his own tongue and convicted Humam, he said that it would easier to find the real murderers once Human had been sentenced to the death penalty. Here it is in my hands. Here are the documents alright? I have all the documents in my hands. Since there is no time today…Here they are alright? Dear Maldivian citizens. Here they are alright? Here are the documents… for these rights. Behind this is, Hussein. Behind this is, Hussein Wahee – Hussein Waheed”.

Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla has since at various point denied the allegations altogether before presenting the current narrative that he lost the evidence on the alleged 7 murders. The narrative was further changed just days after when the Home Minister stated that the documents with him that day were copies of the original document and that the originals are “where ever it is”.

Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla is yet to release a statement on the issue and it is unclear whether the main ruling party MDP’s MP’s will back this no-confidence motion against Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla.

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