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The ruling government coalition has voted against the bill proposed by MP Ahmed Thariq calling for the re-structuring of the Judicial Service Commission. MP Ahmed Thariq stated that the bill was introduced due to government influencing the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) through its current structuring.

He also pointed that the current composition of JSC allows for whoever holding the parliament majority to exploit it. The bill was rejected by 50 members while only 13 members voted for the bill. The current composition of the JSC consist of the majority of the members being appointed by the Parliament, subjecting it to massive political influences.

Opposition MP Mohamed Saeed described the rejection as the ruling party MDP’s failure to reform the judiciary as pledged. He also alleged that it also serves as proof of targeted attacks to individuals through independent institutions. His fellow partisan MP Adam Shareef Umar described todays rejection of the JSC composition amendment bill as proof of the ruling party MDP’s hesitation in removing political influence from the Judiciary.

The politicization of the JSC has been a key element of political debate with both major parties in the political spectrum pledging to re-structure the composition of the JSC. Both MP Mohamed Saeed and MP Adam Shareef Umar pointed out that the ruling party’s Presidential Candidate and current President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had pledged to reform the Judiciary, by re-structuring the JSC to free it from political influence.

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