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An individual suspected of impersonating a police officer to rob a local guest house has been arrested by the Maldives Police Service (MPS). According to MPS on the morning of 11th November 2020, 3 individuals impersonating MPS intelligence officers entered the local guest house “Farivaa Stay” and “arrested” the staff there by using plastic zip locks. The three suspects then proceeded to rob the establishment before fleeing from the scene of crime.

According to MPS one of the suspects has been apprehended, and has been identified as a 42 year old local male. They also revealed that the suspect was arrested under a court warrant under which the individual will be held in custody for a maximum of 15 days at a location to be decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The capital city of Male’ is experiencing an increase in serious and organized crimes with the MPS tackling attempted group robberies and alleged kidnappings. Many speculate that the recessing economy may be forcing individuals at-risk to steer towards crime. Government officials are yet to comment on whether the increase in serious crimes are related to the current economic situation.

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