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As the ninth generation of home video game consoles rolled out last week, the top heavy weights of the industry are facing trouble with their latest products. Microsoft’s X Box Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been plagued by bugs and manufacturing faults at their launch.

Multiple tech and gaming reviewers has noted that Microsoft’s X Box Series X has an unusual problem with its disc tray where the console won’t accept any discs. However, some reviewers noted hat with a little physical force the disc tray accepts the disc but may result in damage to the console. This problem also presented itself at the launch of X Box One and X Box 360 as Microsoft stated both times that moving architecture within a gaming console will always have the highest chances of malfunctioning, especially at the launch phase.

Another problem face by X Box Series X users was that the console would not allow users to download games. And in some cases where the user manages to download a game, the console spontaneously shuts down when the game is launched. As of now, no workaround has been reported for this issue.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has reportedly only been plagued by software issues unlike the hardware problems faced by X Box Series X. According to reviewers, the console has some issues where users will not be able to download games from online. And in rare cases the console becomes “brick” when installing new games from online. This problem is  mainly faced by users who bought the digital-only version of the PlayStation 5.

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