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A border clash between China and India in the western Himalayas has introduced the world to a secret Chinese weapon. The terrifying weapon which has now been identified as a “microwave pulse weapon” by experts forced the Indian soldiers to retreat in 15 minutes.

According to the Times, the weapon sends electromagnetic pulses through the targets, heating up the internal organs, muscles and bones of the human body. The soldiers were reportedly down on their knees vomiting within minutes of activating the weapon, and the whole Indian contingent in the area evacuated within 15 minutes.

India is yet to comment on the use of this unconventional weapon but Chinse authorities has revealed the details of the operation stating that they opted to use a non-violent method to reclaim parts of the contested lands. According to Professor Jin Canrong of the Renmin Univeristy the Central Military Commission ordered the lands to be taken back but prohibited the use of projectile based weaponry.

India and China has been facing off each other over border disputes and over the growing Chinese influence over the South Asian nations. Tensions reached high when in June 2020 Chinese border patrol killed 20 Indian Soldiers including a high ranking officer. China has maintained that the skirmishes between India and China is the result of Indian aggression.

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