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The release of the Brereton Report has given credibility to the claims of Australian Special Forces killing civilians in Afghanistan amidst the US war on terror. According to the report, there is credible information that 39 Afghan civilians were allegedly killed by Australian Special Forces with 2 more cases of reported cruelty. The report explains in detail how Australian Special Forces slit the throats of Afghan children before dumping the bodies in rivers.

Australian Chief of Defense Force Angus Campbell stated that all of the killings took outside of battle zones and that the victims were civilians detained by Australian military forces. The report made by Major General Paul Brereton as the  Inspector-General of the Australian Defense Force states that in the event of a jury accepting the case against the Australian Special Forces, it would amount to war crime and murder. The report also recommends investigation of criminal charges against 19 active military servicemen.

According to the report, the killings were reported by Afghan humanitarian groups and Authorities but were covered up by Australian military which alleged the calls as propaganda by Taliban forces or as scams to gain financial compensation. Numerous instances of the Western Forces allegedly conducting war crimes against Afghans was heard during the US led war on terror. However, with little to no oversight, the claims have been ignored for the past 2 decades. It is speculated that the revelations made by the Brereton reports will force other western states to look in to the alleged war crimes committed by their military forces in foreign lands.

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