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The United Nations has voted in favor of Palestinian statehood and its right to self-determination. A resolution calling for the approval of Palestine’s statehood was submitted to the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee last Thursday.

The Committee which deals with human rights and humanitarian affairs passed the resolution in favor of Palestine 163 to 5 with 10 abstentions. Major global powers including Canada even voted against Israel in the vote.

The resolution calls for the “right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, including the right to their independent State of Palestine.”. The resolution also called to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands taken since 1967 and to settle on a comprehensive, long lasting peace settlement between the two states.

This resolution has been one of the many resolutions passed in favor of Palestine by the UN in recent times. Israeli Mission to the UN has maintained that the UN is bias of Israel. Till date, Israel has not rejected nor approved the two-state resolution passed by the UN. Following global campaigns against Israel to end its occupation of Palestine, global powers have slowly shifted their policies regarding Israel and its occupation of Palestine.

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