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President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ratified the new amendment to the Maldives Immigration law. The second such amendment since 2007, the amendment was proposed and passed by ruling party MDP.

Under the newly ratified Immigration law two more new types of visas will be introduced for foreigners. This includes that “Meeting Visa” targeted at visiting foreign dignitaries and corporate executives and the “Corporate Resident visa”.

The “Meetings Visa” will allow foreign dignitaries and corporate executives to easily get visa for short meetings, conferences and other events held in the Maldives. The “Corporate Resident Visa” will be targeted at executives, partners, directors and other senior staffs at companies operating in the Maldives. This visa will allow foreigners and their families to stay in the Maldives on a long term basis at a cost of $250, 000.00.

Amidst the current economic recession and growing foreign influence in the Maldives, public sentiments has been negative towards the new amendment to the immigration law. Opposition PPM and its coalition partner PNC has criticized the amendment to the immigration law highlighting on the low bar set for residency.

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