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The former Chief Justice of Criminal Court Ahmed Hailam has accused the Judicial Service Commission of influencing the Judiciary in appointing judges. In a tweet made yesterday, the veteran judge alleged that Judge Saf’ath who was appointed to the criminal court was not selected due to merit.

Ahmed Hailam went on to state that Judge Saf’ath was  selected due to his familial connection with Judge Mahaaz who is currently on the Supreme Court Bench. He also accused the Judicial Service Commission of appointing inexperienced judges to influence the verdicts passed by them.

In a separate tweet, Ahmed Hailam further stated that Judge Saf’ath applied but failed to become a state prosecutor on five different occasions, highlighting on his inexperience.

Allegations of corruption, nepotism and influence by the Judicial Service Commission has become rampant as many Judges and attorneys accuse the judicial watchdog of acting as a proxy of the ruling party within the Judiciary. Ahmed Hailam who formerly served as the Chief Justice of Criminal Court has in the past accused the current administration of threatening him to pass a guilty verdict on a controversial case. Though these allegations made in 2019 are yet to be formally acknowledged or investigated by any state authorities, the Judicial Service Commission continues to suspend and appoint Judges at an unprecedented rate.

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