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Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition has launched nationwide protests against the current government. The protests were held in solidarity with the opposition leader former President Abdulla Yameen who has spent the last year in jail.

According to the coalition’s spokesperson Heena Waleed, protests were held in all inhabited islands excluding the congested capital city. According to her, the coalition opted to protest on sea for the capital city area as to minimize the impact of COVID-19. “The protests on sea and on land was held under HPA guidelines with strict use of PPE and social distancing” said spokesperson Heena Waleed.

Former President Abdulla Yameen who has been imprisoned over money laundering charges is the first Maldivian President in modern times to spend over 1 year in jail without even a transfer of home. Opposition Coalition has accused the current administration of influencing the judiciary through its super majority in the parliament. Their allegations are lent credence by former Chief Judge of Criminal Court who released a statement accusing top officials of the current administration of threatening and influencing the judiciary. The government is yet to acknowledge or investigate these statements.

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