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The State’s pending case against Strada Pvt Ltd at the High Court’s pending case for the NewPort View has finally commenced following a public message from Mr.Zahid Rameez appealing to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The case was held on the 3rd of January 2021 at the High Court of Maldives following the Civil Court’s decision to uphold the eviction orders to vacate the NewPort View complex located on the Eastern waterfront of the Capital city.

At the hearing, the case was presided over by a bench of Judges who posed serious questions to the State Attorneys on irregularities pertaining to the case. One major question posed was that on 24th November 2019 the President’s Office sent a letter to Strada Pvt Ltd offering an out of court settlement for the NewPort View complex. The State Attorney’s that they were unaware of such a letter and that the Attorney General’s Office had not received such a letter.

According to Strada Pvt Ltd which produced the letter to the court, the letter stated that the case has been sent to a Presidential Committee formed to settle Out of Court Settlements and that the President’s Office would revert back to Strada Pvt Ltd when a consensus is reached on the matter. The letter signed by the President’s legal Counsel Mr Ahmed Abdullah Afeef was allegedly copied and sent to the Attorney General’s Office by the President’s Office.

Furthermore, the Judges reminded that even during the previous hearing the State Attorneys denied knowledge of the letter and requested an update on the case at the Presidential Committee for the next hearing.

The Newport View complex was fully financed and constructed by Strada Pvt Ltd on a vacant land on the Eastern waterfront of capital Male’ city. Prior to its development, the land was mainly used to park dated vehicles. However, following the seizure of the complex by the state, the complex is now in a dilapidated state following multiple instances of vandalism on the property.

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