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Former Chief Justice Abdulla Didi has taken it to twitter to state that an election cannot be delayed against the Constitution of Maldives referring to the recent statement by the Elections Commission of Maldives which stated that the upcoming Local Council Election would not be held on the 06  March 2021.


He further went on to state that no entity may delay the upcoming election even if the nation is under “Medical Emergency State”. He also pointed out that even though the Maldives is under “Medical Emergency State”, the nation is not under any lockdowns.

Former Chief Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi also stated that those responsible for withholding the people’s right to vote and their power must be held accountable for their actions. Concerns on the Local Council Election has been rising following its initial delay back in 2020 when the election was delayed citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the Elections Commission of Maldives has maintained that they would not hold any election until all the candidates are guaranteed their equal rights to campaign, which is being barred by the current “Medical Emergency State” declared by the Health Protection Agency.

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