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Opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has publicly called on to Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed to nullify the “Special Bill for the Local Council Election 2020” due to which the Local Council Elections across the nation are being indefinitely delayed.

The Naifaru constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam made this statement on twitter following the Elections Commission’s Chairman Ahmed Shreef’s statement yesterday that the Local Council Election would be further delayed.

He also called on to nullify the “The Special Bill on Ensuring the Operation of Administrative Divisions of Maldives under Decentralization Policy 2020” under which the existing councilors are allowed to hold their positions until the next election.

Opposition Vice-President Ahmed Shiyam’s tweet.

MP Ahmed Shiyam who serves as the opposition PPM’s Vice-President also remarked on the unconstitutionality of withholding the people’s right to vote along with their other rights which are being allegedly held back. MP Ahmed Shiyam also reminded that the sole opposition leader former President Abdulla  Yameen has been jailed for the past 400 days and stated that his imprisonment was unlawful.

He also stated that the opposition is being held in “hostage” while the ruling party continues to freely campaign for the Local Council Elections without impede and that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is systematically delaying the elections due to him being aware of the possibility of a massive loss for the current administration in the Local Council Elections.

Public outrage has poured out against the delaying of the Local Council Elections while the incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration continues to experience its lowest point in terms of public approval and popularity.

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