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Chinese medical equipment manufacturing plants are reportedly working overtime to meet the increased supply demands from India. According to the Chinese Ambassador to India HE Sun Weidong, the Chinese suppliers are working overtime  as at least 25,000 orders of oxygen generators were placed by India within the last few days.

The ambassador further stated that dedicated cargo plans are ready to supply the machinery and other equipments and aid while the Chinese customs will facilitate and expedite the massive operation.

One of the largest medical equipment manufacturing companies in China’s Jiangsu Provice, Yuwell Medical Equipment has established an emergency  team to focus and expedite the manufacturing process. The company which annually produces 1 million oxygen generators are now stepping up their production as workers are now paid to work an extra hour or two amidst the pandemic.

Yuwell  Medical Equipment Deputy President Zhao Shuai stated that “Orders from India have jumped dramatically recently, and we are able to meet the demand.”.

India’s struggle against the new wave of double mutation strain of COVID19 is further exacerbated by its government’s focus on election polls. Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth tweeted condemning Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allowing the situation to unfold as he endorsed massive Hindu festivals with no restrictions.

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