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Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid has participated in a virtual event held to launch the “2020 Human Development Report” published by the United Nations Development Program UNDP. At the event held today at the UNDP office in Maldives, Minister Abdulla Shahid praised the consistent work by the UNDP to publish the annual “Human Development Report” since 1990.

In his speech, Minister Abdulla Shahid raised concern on the challenges faced by the society including the growing inequalities amongst the vulnerable groups being further fueled by the COVID19 pandemic, calling an urgent need to address the issues. He also highlighted on the commitment by the Government of Maldives to combat the environmental issues faced by the island nation, while reiterating on the commitments made at the Paris Agreement, SAMOA Pathway and the Action Blueprint.

Calling for Multilateral collaboration between the nations, Minister Abdulla Shahid also emphasized on the urgent need for substantive action required in combating global climate change.

 The 2020 Human Development Report is titled “ The Next Frontier: Human Development and Anthropocene”, which aims at helping the humanity navigate in this new age in with the humanity and the planet in harmony.

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