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Major US ISPs are set to sue the state of New York  after it passed a legislation requiring ISPs to provide broadband internet service for low income families at a maximum monthly charge of $15. The legislation passed two weeks ago was meant to enable low income families to get high quality internet service at an affordable price.

However, this was met with a massive lawsuit from ISPS and lobby groups who filed a case at the court house asking to overturn the legislation. According to the ISPs, the legislation aims to regulate broadband rates which according to them is preempted by federal laws.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo  stated that the telecom giants were upset just as he expected and that the legislation was meant to even the playing field.  He continued on to stated “ Let me be abundantly clear, providing internet in the Empire state in not a God-given right. If these companies want to pick this fight and impede the ability of millions of New Yorkers to access this essential service, and prevent them from participating in our economic recovery, I say bring it on.”.

The legislation in question mandates that a maximum of $15 to be charged for low income families while providing a minimum of 25Mbps.

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