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The Maldives Media Council has released a statement regarding the use of excessive force by the Maldives Police Service against media personnel covering last night’s demonstration held to voice against sexual harassment.

In their statement, the Maldives Media Council stated that they had received reports of Police brutality and allegations of them obstructing the media while using obscene language and excessive force against media personnel. They council strongly condemned the obstruction and use of force by the Maldives Police Service against the free press.

The Maldives Media Council also reminded journalists covering protests to maintain their professional standards and ethics and to follow the rule of law. They reiterated on the importance of a free and unobstructed media by stating that a media personnel working within the limits of the law are not be obstructed under any circumstances.

In their closing remarks, the Maldives Media Council called on to the authorities,  urging them  to investigate the complaints and to take action against those who obstruct, intimidate and assault the free press.

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