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The Progressive Congress Coalition has released a Press Release condemning  the use of excessive force by the Police against youths demonstrating at a rally held last night against sexual harassment in the Maldivian work culture and society.

Press Release by the Progressive Congress Coalition.


It also stated that the coalition strongly condemns the use of pepper spray being directly targeted at the facial areas of the rally goers while being handcuffed to the back, and beaten on the floor.  Furthermore the Progressive Congress Coalition urged in their press release to the police, not to follow illegal commands by the current President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration to oppress the people.

The opposition coalition also highlighted on the allegations of the Police obstructing, assaulting and using obscene language towards media personnel covering the demonstration. The Progressive Congress Coalition  in their press release, urged for the police to maintain their professional standards when handling such situations and called on to the Maldives Human Rights Commission, National Integrity Commission and the Police Integrity Commission to launch an unbiased investigation into the incident.

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