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Fisheries Minister Zaha Waheed has been removed from the cabinet following weeks of discussion on a cabinet shuffle. According to sources within the government, President’s Office Chief of Staff Ali Zahir informed Zaha Waheed of her removal from the cabinet through a call last night.

Zaha Waheed who represents the Maldives Reform Movement in the government coalition has been facing rising pressure against her for some time. Mounting pressure from the fisheries industry made its mark on her ministry as the state owned fisheries company and the ministry is unable to cater to the demands of the local fisherman.

According to Vaguthu News, the slot would be filled by current Environment Minister Dr.Hussein Rasheed Hassan while current President’s Office Policy Secretary Aiminath Shauna will become the new Environment Minister.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has been engaged in talks with his coalition partners over a cabinet shuffle for weeks now following the historic loss the ruling coalition faced in the Local Council Elections held last month. Growing dissent against the government  along with the recessing economy has forced President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih into a difficult position where he is to engage and cater to the demands of his coalition partners to the disapproval of his own party members and the public.

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