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Apple unveils iOS 15 at this year’s WWDC.




Apple has unveiled iOS15 at this year;s WWDC. The iOS 15 brings new ways to stay connected and powerful features that help users focus, explore, and do more with on-device intelligence

Apple shared the details about iOS 15, the next major version of iOS which will be released later this year, during a virtual keynote at World Wide Developers Conference 2021 (WWDC). This year’s WWDC is based on staying connected, focusing without distraction, using intelligence and exploring the world.

                                                  Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering

“For many customers, iPhone has become indispensable, and this year we’ve created even more ways it can enhance our daily lives,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “iOS 15 helps users stay connected while sharing experiences in real time, gives them new tools to help reduce distraction and find focus, uses intelligence to enhance the photos experience, and, with huge upgrades to Maps, brings new ways to explore the world. We can’t wait for customers to experience it.”

More Natural FaceTime Calls and Shared Experiences with SharePlay

FaceTime helps users easily connect with those who matter most and with iOS 15, conversations with friends and family feel even more natural. With spatial audio, voices in a FaceTime call sound as if they are coming from where the person is positioned on the screen, and new microphone mode separates the user’s voice from background noise. Inspired by the stunning portrait photos taken on iPhone, Portrait mode is now available for FaceTime and designed specifically for video calls, so users can blur their background and put themselves in focus. While using Group FaceTime, a new grid view enables participants to see more faces at the same time.

FaceTime calls also extend beyond Apple devices with the ability to create a link from iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and share it through Messages, Calendar, Mail, or third-party apps, so anyone can join a FaceTime call from their web browser on Android and Windows devices. FaceTime calls on the web remain end-to-end encrypted, so privacy is not compromised.

                         The stunning Portrait mode from the Camera app is now optimized for video calls in FaceTime.

Users can now share experiences with SharePlay while connecting with friends on FaceTime, including listening to songs together with Apple Music, watching a TV show or movie in sync, or sharing their screen to view apps together. SharePlay works across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and with shared playback controls, anyone in a SharePlay session can play, pause, or jump ahead. SharePlay even extends to Apple TV, so users can watch shows or movies on a big screen while connecting over FaceTime, and SharePlay will keep everyone’s playback in sync.

                             SharePlay makes it easy to listen to songs together in Apple Music while on a FaceTime call.

New Notifications Experience

Notifications have been redesigned, adding contact photos for people and larger icons for apps that make them even easier to identify. To help reduce distraction, a new notification summary collects non-time-critical notifications for delivery at a more opportune time, such as in the morning and evening. Using on-device intelligence, notifications are arranged by priority, with the most relevant notifications rising to the top, and based on a user’s interactions with apps. Urgent messages will be delivered immediately, so important communications will not end up in the summary, and it’s easy to temporarily mute any app or messaging thread for the next hour or for the day.

       Notifications have a new look with larger icons for apps, to make them easier to identify, and a new notification summary.

New Smart Features with iOS 15

Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo and allow users to take action. For example, users can search for and locate the picture of a handwritten family recipe, or capture a phone number from a storefront with the option to place a call. With the power of the Apple Neural Engine, the Camera app can also quickly recognize and copy text in the moment, such as the Wi-Fi password displayed at a local coffee shop. With Visual Look Up, users can learn more about popular art and landmarks around the world, plants and flowers found in nature, breeds of pets, and even find books.

Spotlight now uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects, and using Live Text, Spotlight can find text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight now offers web image search and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows, and movies. Enhanced results for contacts show recent conversations, shared photos, and even their location if shared through Find My.

Photos includes the biggest update ever to Memories, with a fresh new look, an interactive interface, and integration with Apple Music, which uses on-device intelligence to personalize song suggestions that bring memories to life.

New Privacy Features

iOS 15 introduces even more privacy controls to help protect user information. With on-device speech recognition, audio of Siri requests is now processed entirely on iPhone by default,7 and performance improves significantly. Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from learning whether an email has been opened, and hides IP addresses so senders can’t learn a user’s location or use it to build a profile on them. App Privacy Report offers an overview of how apps use the access that has been granted to location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts in the last seven days, and which other domains are contacted.

                          App Privacy Report provides more detail on how apps use the access that has been granted to them.

Wallet, Weather and Maps

Apple Wallet adds support for additional types of keys, making it possible to access everyday places with just a tap. Last summer, Apple introduced digital car keys, and BMW was the first car company to add its keys, allowing users to tap to unlock. This year, digital car keys get even better with support for Ultra Wideband technology, so users can securely unlock and start their supported vehicle without removing their iPhone from a pocket or bag. iPhone can also be used to unlock a user’s home, office, or even a hotel room — all through keys stored in Wallet.

Weather includes more graphical displays of weather data, full-screen maps, and dynamic layouts that change based on conditions. Beautifully redesigned animated backgrounds more accurately reflect the sun’s position and precipitation, and notifications highlight when rain or snow starts and stops.

Maps even further with brand new ways to navigate and explore. Users will experience significantly enhanced details in cities for neighborhoods, commercial districts, elevation, and buildings, new road colors and labels, custom-designed landmarks, and a new night-time mode with a moonlit glow. This is a whole new way of looking at the world through Maps.

Apple has released a developer beta on 7 June with a public beta scheduled in July. You can expect beta updates throughout the summer and a final release this fall.


China raises voice over illegal military intervention against sovereign states.





China and a number of other countries has raised concern over military intervention under the pretext of human rights. They raised their concerns at the ongoing 47th session of the Human Rights Council.

Jiang Duan, Minister of the Chinese mission to the United Nations in Geneva, delivered a joint statement to the council yesterday. In it he stated that certain countries are conducting military interventions in sovereign states under the pretext of democracy, human rights and the “responsibility to protect”.

He stated that “These acts severely violate the universally recognized norms of international law, undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the relevant countries, and damage world peace and security,”

He pointed out that such interventions have caused massive losses to the socioeconomic development of those countries along with civilian casualties and force displacement. He also stated that such military interventions are the “root cause of refugee and migrant crisis and regional turbulence.”.

He also added that “Certain countries even connive at their soldiers’ unlawful killing and torture of civilians in overseas military operations, which constitutes serious war crimes and crimes against humanity,”.

Jiang Duan urged the UN institutions to follow up  on illegal military interventions, and called out for the countries concerned to immediately cease their illegal military interventions and to make reparations for the victimized countries and their people.

Source: Xinhua News Agency. 

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Microsoft’s Windows 11 is officially on the way.





Microsoft has officially announced the next version of Window today, which will be Windows 11. After months of teases and leak, Windows 11 is expected to arrive in the last quarter of this year. Microsoft has promised to make it available as a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 users and to new PC’s from this year’s holiday.

Microsoft redesigns the user interface for Windows 11, with a centred Start menu and Taskbar. Live tiles are replaced with a grid of icon that can be rearranged and pinned to Start. There are also new Widgets feature that houses things like your calendar, weather, sports leaderboard, and latest news. System Tray also was improved with a new split Notification and Quick Action user interface.

Microsoft’s Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Windows + Devices wrote on Microsoft blog “We’ve simplified the design and user experience to empower your productivity and inspire your creativity. It’s modern, fresh, clean and beautiful. From the new Start button and taskbar to each sound, font and icon, everything was done intentionally to put you in control and bring a sense of calm and ease. We put Start at the center and made it easier to quickly find what you need.”

One of the surprises of the event was Microsoft’s announcement that it will be using Amazon’s Appstore to bring Android apps to Windows 11. Microsoft will be utilizing Intel’s Bridge technology to make Android apps work on Windows 11.

During the closing remarks, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella said “Windows recognizes that there is no personal computing without personal agency. Personal computing requires choice, and we need to nurture and grow our own agency over computing itself. We want to remove the barriers that too often exist today and provide real choice and connection.”

He laid out his vision for Windows 11 as a “platform for platform creators,” and in doing so, he issued a subtle but nonetheless stinging critique of Apple.

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Experts warn of third wave of pandemic in India if health protocols ignored.

Adam Layaan Kurik Riza



As the ongoing second wave of COVID-19 started a health decline in India, health experts have been giving out numerous warnings on how likely it is for there to be another wave of the outbreak, quoting the disregard for health protocol in the midst of eased restrictions and a lethargic vaccine rollout.

On Wednesday morning India reported 50,848 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the case tally to cross the 30 million mark and reach 30,028,709 while the death toll reached 390,660.

The recovery rate in the country has increased to 96.5 percent

Local governments across India ordered relaxations because of the declining number of daily cases but multiple amounts of experts and watch dogs have been giving warnings which have been pointing towards the possibility of a third outbreak.

The catastrophic second wave of the pandemic caught India unexpectedly and it saw the country’s hospitals overwhelmed especially in major cities and towns. The rush of patients coming in caused doctors to struggle due to the shortage of oxygen supplies and essential medicines.

The Indian authorities are the ones responsible for this according to experts for ignoring warnings and going ahead with conducting elections in several states, besides allowing a mega Hindu religious congregation called Kumbh Mela.


The eased restrictions in the capital Delhi caused thousands to crowd metro stations and shopping centers, prompting health experts to warn of the possible comeback of COVID-19 infections.

Last week, the Delhi high court informed that the violation of COVID-19 protocols will only hasten the third wave of the pandemic. The authorities were asked to take strict measures against violators and sensitize shopkeepers about the COVID-19 protocol.

The high court said if flouting of COVID19 continues “we will be in great trouble”.

With businesses resuming their activities in the capital, doctors have also given advice by saying that Delhi could face a “worse than second wave situation” if people are careless with a low guard and do not obey the safety norms.

Director of India’s premier health institute – All India institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Randeep Guleria said last week that the third wave of COVID-19 could hit the country in the next six to eight weeks.

V K Paul, member (health) of the Indian government’s top policy think tank, National institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog (commission), said vaccination against the COVID-19 gives at least 94 percent protection from infection and reduce the chances of hospitalization by 75-80 percent.

The nationwide vaccination against COVID-19 started in India on January 16th and so far, only about 5 million people or some 5 percent out of the country’s total adult population of 940 million, have received the two doses of the vaccine, according to the health ministry

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