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Never too old to shine!




When Wang Deshun made waves in the fashion industry as a male model in his late 70s, many figured he had reached his apex. However, the 85-year-old showed them he’s still flying.

The white-bearded Wang took flight in Beijing’s Miyun district in a SW100 light aircraft on Aug 17. During the course of the flight, he completed turns and climbs on his own, becoming the oldest person to undertake flight training in China.

His physical stats proved sufficient to apply for a flight license due to his many years of exercise. At Miyun Airport in Beijing, he was guided by a professional team that drew up a customized training plan for him.

“I’ve been dreaming of flying for more than 50 years, so I thought I should learn. I thought I could do this,” Wang said.

“It’s never too old to pursue your dream,” he added. “Age has never been a hurdle. Just do it.”

Wang learns flight theories at the dormitory of the pilot school on July 10. WANG WEI/CCTV

This is not the first time Wang has wowed his fellow Chinese citizens. Born in a rural family in Shenyang, Liaoning province, in 1936, Wang started his career as a bus conductor and then a factory worker. In 1960, he became a stage actor and appeared in bit parts in films such as Brave Journey to Northeast and Miss Granny.

Wang Deshun prepares for his flight at Miyun Airport on Aug 17. WANG WEI/CCTV

Wang continued to challenge himself throughout his life. At 44, he learned English and at 50, began fitness training. He learnt to ride a horse at 65, to ride a motorcycle at 78, and hit the catwalk at 79, when he took part in Beijing Fashion Week and rose to social media fame. Strutting down the catwalk completely shirtless, he wowed audiences with his incredibly fit physique, and was dubbed “China’s hottest grandpa”.

Wang has a pilot training session on Aug 15. WANG WEI/CCTV


Wang swims at a gym in Beijing on Aug 20. WANG WEI/CCTV


Wang displays a photo of him walking at the Beijing Fashion Week in 2015. WANG WEI/CCTV

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