President’s Office Spokesperon Mabrook Azeez has announced that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has decided to bring changes to his cabinet. In a tweet made minutes ago, Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez stated that the current Environment Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan will now be the Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and AgricultureContinue Reading

Fisheries Minister Zaha Waheed has been removed from the cabinet following weeks of discussion on a cabinet shuffle. According to sources within the government, President’s Office Chief of Staff Ali Zahir informed Zaha Waheed of her removal from the cabinet through a call last night. Zaha Waheed who represents theContinue Reading

President’s Office Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is open to changing the government to a parliamentary system. Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez made this statement at a press conference held at the President’s office last night. Speaking at the press conference, Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez stated that thoughContinue Reading

After years of struggle, the working class women of Maldives are succeeding in earning the seats they deserve at the helm of the nation. Today we find independent, educated and successful women leading every industry, be it politics, tourism, business management, engineering, health or even education. Women are rising throughContinue Reading

Opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has criticized the current administrations decision to appoint former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem to the post of Minister of Health. The Naifaru Constituency MP made a tweet remarking on the appointment and accused the current administration of nepotism. In his tweet, MP Ahmed Shiyam statedContinue Reading

Opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has stated that the current government has handed over control of the Maldivian economy to India. Speaking at the Parliament, the Naifaru Constituency MP heavily criticized the current government and its policies. “What we are seeing today is the creation of bills to facilitate theContinue Reading