Maldives Police Service has disrupted and halted a peaceful motorcycle rally held in solidarity with Palestine following Israel’s brutal attack since 06th may 2021. The motorcycle rally was organized by youths who wished to raise awareness and in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The motorcycle rally was scheduled to beContinue Reading

At today’s Parliament session where Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla was scheduled to be questioned, Makunudhoo constituency MP Mohamed Raee invited Home minister and leader of Adhaalath Party Imran Abdulla to join MDP. “Although Adhaalath party is a member of current ruling Coalition, you are following our (MDP) philosophy’s andContinue Reading

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be meeting with UAE’s Financial Affairs Minister today to sign a number of agreements including a visa-free agreements for both countries. The first of its kind between Israel and an Arab state. Today’s agreements will allow Israeli and UAE citizens to travel freely betweenContinue Reading