The Ministry of Health has announced employment opportunities for Indians to work in the Maldivian health sector. In an ad posted in an Indian news,  over 520 vacant jobs slots were announced for doctors, dentists, nurses, radiographers, and physiotherapists. In the ad, 230 jobs were available for doctors with $2939Continue Reading

Today’s geopolitics is heavily influenced by the advent of online and social medias. The interconnectivity between all the demographics today bypasses all physical and virtual borders. But the abundant connectivity also comes at price. The public is now more than ever, susceptible to misinformation. On 9th December 2020, the EUContinue Reading

India is working with the US to sign a pact to share its satellite data to improve US missile and drone accuracy. Both states are expected to make the announcement the next week with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo set to visit the India, Sri Lanka and Maldives justContinue Reading

Indian media has announced that the Foreign Secretary of India Harsh Vardhan Shringla will be visiting the Maldives on 10th November 2020. According to Indian media, Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla will be meeting with senior Maldivian government officials including Foriegn Minister Abdulla Shahid. It is also speculated that IndianContinue Reading