Indonesian President Jakoko Widodo has announced a Sovereign Fund with plans to bring in investors from the Middle East and other Asian countries. The fund is set to play a critical role in President Jakoko Widodo’s plans to implement major development projects in Indonesia including a massive metro system andContinue Reading

Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition has launched nationwide protests against the current government. The protests were held in solidarity with the opposition leader former President Abdulla Yameen who has spent the last year in jail. According to the coalition’s spokesperson Heena Waleed, protests were held in all inhabited islands excluding theContinue Reading

The ruling government coalition has voted against the bill proposed by MP Ahmed Thariq calling for the re-structuring of the Judicial Service Commission. MP Ahmed Thariq stated that the bill was introduced due to government influencing the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) through its current structuring. He also pointed that theContinue Reading