The online cryptocurrency Bitcoin’s value has surged past $34,000.00 for the first time. Although it is now drifting at around $33,000.00 the Bitcoin remains at the top of the cryptocurrency markets. The current rapid rise in Bitcoin’s value has been attributed to the worldwide lockdowns imposed due to the COVID-19Continue Reading

The State’s pending case against Strada Pvt Ltd at the High Court’s pending case for the NewPort View has finally commenced following a public message from Mr.Zahid Rameez appealing to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The case was held on the 3rd of January 2021 at the High Court of MaldivesContinue Reading

A lawsuit has been filed against the tech giant Google for the illegal invasion of privacy of millions of users. The $5 billion lawsuit was filed at the San Jose Federal court in California by 3 individuals represented by Boeis Schiller & Flexner who stated that Google has been amassingContinue Reading