Breaking News: Maldives Police Service has revealed that they have arrested two individuals suspected have connections with the 06th May 2021 terror attack. The terror attack was targeted at the former President and current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, who along with 4 others were injured. Though his vitalsContinue Reading

Known for his calm demeanor and insightful views on the political spectrum, Uz Moosa Fathuhee Adam is one of the most familiar faces on Maldivian talk shows. We here at MNN conducted this exclusive interview with Uz Moosa Fathuhee Adam to get a glimpse of his thoughts on the currentContinue Reading

President’s Office Spokesperon Mabrook Azeez has announced that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has decided to bring changes to his cabinet. In a tweet made minutes ago, Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez stated that the current Environment Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan will now be the Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and AgricultureContinue Reading

Former Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon has criticized President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration. In a tweet made today, the former Foreign Minister questioned President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration as to why exactly they were elected but to serve its people. She continued on to state that the current administration has abandonedContinue Reading