Former Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon has criticized President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration. In a tweet made today, the former Foreign Minister questioned President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration as to why exactly they were elected but to serve its people. She continued on to state that the current administration has abandonedContinue Reading

The State’s pending case against Strada Pvt Ltd at the High Court’s pending case for the NewPort View has finally commenced following a public message from Mr.Zahid Rameez appealing to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The case was held on the 3rd of January 2021 at the High Court of MaldivesContinue Reading

The Parliament secretariat has scheduled the bill on shifting the governing system to a parliamentary system. The bill submitted by Kaashidhoo Constituency MP Abdulla Jabir will have its initial reading in the Parliament today. The controversial bill by MP Abdulla Jabir was submitted after claiming that the current presidential systemContinue Reading

The Attorney General’s office has revealed 19 bills including an “Anti-Defamation Act” bill drafted on and submitted to the parliament on behalf of the government. A total of 28 bills are scheduled to be sent to the parliament of which 9 are amendments to existing laws. Though the Attorney General’sContinue Reading

On the early hours of 26 July 2020, two individuals with close ties to the ruling party, parliament and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih allegedly raped a Kenyan who in her self-defense was forced to jump aboard the marine vessel to save herself. The police arrived and arrested the two individualsContinue Reading